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Monday, 6 August 2007

I digress

I've found out lately that I can't perceive a hazard for toffee.
For reasons which now escape me, I recently decided it was high time I began driving lessons, at the stately age of...*ahem*. The driving is pants-wettingly scary (and that's just for my dear, sainted instructor - I return from each lesson a gibbering mass of sweaty palms and high-pitched, hysterical laughter). I'm sorry, but it's just not natural to do so many things at once, and don't talk to me about multi-tasking.
Still, in a spirit of rakish optimism, I have booked my theory test, and now have two weeks of desperate swotting ahead of me. Even if I can remember those infernal stopping distances, I fail to see exactly what use they are. I couldn't guess a distance of 96 metres at 70mph (yay! Remembered one!) if my life depended on it, which I suppose it may do one day. Added to this are the terrors of the hazard perception test (one click too many, and the practice CD-rom glibly and infuriatingly informs you that you will score 0 for this test because of your wanton trigger-happiness). I'm already queasily nervous about the whole thing, and I know I will soon be dreaming about it every night and waking up muttering 'give the cyclist plenty of room' in a hoarse and haunted whisper. I need some sort of mantra to calm me down.
Altogether now...
20 mph is 12 metres...
30 mph is 23 metres...


Telmis said...

I failed my first driving test.
'You drove too close to a cyclist.'
'I never saw a cyclist,' I protested.

John S

Lovs yer blog V

Viki Lane said...

ROFL John!

Love yours, too

Telmis said...

I have just put a Learner Driver story on Dona Ferens Viki

Viki Lane said...

I look forward to reading it this afternoon, after work and (ulp) driving lesson. If you have friends in the Manchester area, warn them to abandon the roads after 2.30 for their own safety.

With thanks to Graeme