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Friday, 17 August 2007

Yes, I know it's meant to be a blog about writing

I like to think I always enter into the spirit of Fridays. I wake, or at least slowly achieve some level of consciousness, with a quiet and earnest faith that it will be a good day. So when life takes it upon itself to piss upon my chips, I feel doubly cheated if it happens on a Friday.
Today, we found out that a long and thorny proposed takeover of my company (the company for which I work, that is; I'm no entrepreneur) has finally, and surprisingly, been approved. It's hard to know what will happen next, but I expect there will certainly be changes - possibly even the kind of change that involves P45s and invective-filled mutterings against the new bosses.
So, given the above, I hope I can be forgiven for harbouring a sort of crushed resentment towards the universe today. This is just the sort of behaviour I expect from a Monday.


Papoosue said...

yup Viki, that's definitely more of a Monday happening. I hope it all works out okay - you never know! (she says with an annoying optimistic tone). x

Viki Lane said...

*is reassured by Sue's optimism*
The thing that worries me is, if this can happen on a Friday, what on earth has Monday got up its sleeve??

Moi said...

oh viki, i've been through this too...the balkan pessimist in me says it's crap...everyone else can be optimistic for you! x

Viki Lane said...

lol! I'm inclined to side with your balkan pessismist. Of course, it had to happen when we're about to move house...
Thanks for commenting.

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