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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Sock, horror

Davis tiptoed over the shiny unfamiliarity of the floor, and hoped his shoes were clean. His eyes darted over the alien surfaces; their gleam and powerfully clean scent assaulted his senses. Ranged over the surfaces were intriguing contraptions, with buttons and lights twinkling at him in encouragement to meddle. He poised, finger hovering over an enticing dial, when the machine on the floor to his left sighed into silence.
Hunkering down, Davis peered cautiously through some sort of viewing screen, but he saw nothing clearly. There was a self-satisfied click. Intrigued, Davis tugged at a slight protuberance on the machine’s plane surface, and a porthole swung open.
Incredible. Davis couldn’t believe it. Gone. Was it a teleporter, or a vaporising machine?
The sound of approaching steps halted Davis’s wonder. He rose, and turned to the approaching figure.
‘Can I watch TV now, Mum? I’ve emptied the drier. Don’t know where all the socks have gone, though.’


Papoosue said...

You are so good at these 'twist in the tale' sort of pieces Viki - brilliant!

It's funny, I was just about to check your blog when I read your comment on mine about A215. I'm still enjoying it but I'm becoming rapidly confused with things to do with point of view and tense (at least I think that's whats confusing me!). Oh well, back to the drawing board... :-)

Viki Lane said...

Probably because I'm such a twisted individual ;-)

With regards to POV, I reckon it all comes down to how 'intimate' you are with your character(s). I find that I usually write in the third person limited omniscient (I think that's what they call it) because my stuff is usually focalised through one character but the first person doesn't usually feel right for me.

Papoosue said...

Hi Viki. I'm sure you're not really twisted ;-)

I've just been having the same sort of conversation with the tutor about POV and I reckon that I'm the same as you - 3rd person limited omniscient. I didn't know that's what I was doing mind you (!) - I need these things pointed out to me - LOL. I'm off to do some clustering for the TMA (oh the joys!). xx

Viki Lane said...

*evil cackle*

It's a sign of talent that you do it naturally! Good luck with the TMA. I hated, loathed and abhorred clusters - luckily our TMA required a freewrite instead.


Papoosue said...

To be perfectly honest Viki, I'm not a huge cluster fan either (and this tma does require a freewrite too) but it's a means to an end for me - at least until I find another way of getting started!

Viki Lane said...

Getting started is the tricky bit. My clusters never seemed to lead to anything, other than a quiet conviction that my brain is very odd indeed.

Telmis said...

I always did my clusters, freewrite after I had written the piece! It pleased the tutor no end!
If only he had known!

Great way you 'spun' the story here Viki.

I'm deep into a bigraphical piece at the moment .... great research involved!

Viki Lane said...

lol, John! Wish I'd tried that with the clusters. Good luck with the biog - looking forward to reading it.

With thanks to Graeme