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Wednesday, 18 July 2007


You'd think writing the novel would be the arduous part, wouldn't you? But oh no, once the novel is written and you have tearfully hacked big bleeding chunks from it in a frenzy of editing, you have to write the synopsis. This blog exists largely because of my increasingly sly and desperate attempts to get out of synopsis-writing. The one feeble draft I have churned out (at around the rate of one sentence per hour) reads like the stories I used to write as a kid. There is this character and something happens to him and then something else happens and it's really bad but then in the end everything is ok. I'm not anticipating a huge publishing advance any time soon.


Charlie Cornelius said...

Painful, ain't it. Wrestling to produce tens of thousands of words, only to have to do it all again in a few hundred. Been there all too many times. You have all my sympathy.

Viki Lane said...

Thank you. I shall go and wallow.

With thanks to Graeme