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Monday, 30 July 2007

Been and gone and done it

Well. I have dithered, displaced and procrastinated for all I'm worth, but this day had to come sooner or later. The synopsis is written (perhaps I should say 'garbled') and the letter signed. Four chapters have had their hair combed, their collective coat duffled, and their face scrubbed with a hankie (clean). I have pressed an emergency 50p into their palm and sent them off into the world to try their luck.
My first novel has gone to its first agent. All I can do now is pace anxiously up and down the study's shagpile until the reply comes. I have a fair idea of what that reply will be (probably all four chapters, letter, and synopsis sent winging back by return of post, tetchily rubber-stamped with the legend 'DO US A FAVOUR; WE'RE NOT DESPERATE'), but never mind. Now, until the post comes, I'll be quietly rehearsing consolatory lines to myself...
It's all about luck.
Just keep on trying; you'll get there in the end.
*sniffle* what do agents know, anyway?
And then when the 'no' arrives, I will dissolve into a weeping, snotty mess, bewailing the fate of my poor, unappreciated baby.
If anyone tries to tell you that writing is all fun, send them to me and I will rubber-stamp their forehead.


Grum said...

Best of luck with that. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Viki Lane said...

Cheers Grum...I hope it doesn't affect your typing too much ;-)

Papoosue said...

Hi Viki and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the poem:) You are perfectly right about the bird's/birds' - thanks for pointing that out!

GOOD LUCK!!! (my fingers are crossed for you).

Telmis said...

When you are famous Viki .... any reject slips you have can be sold for a fortune ....meanwhile the very best of luck!

John S

With thanks to Graeme