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Sunday, 23 September 2007


As I mentioned in my grumblings a couple of days ago, my little writing group is back on track with its weekly flash fiction, after a break caused by a sudden proliferation of holidays and house moves. I'm relieved to report that I have written something; I know it's hardly an original subject or breath-takingly graceful writing, but at least it's a story wot I made up from my head. So here goes. (The theme, by the way, was obsession.)

Come on, Simon, don’t look so sad. It’ll be ok. The drinks are nearly ready.
Remember, ever since we’ve been little, we’ve been the same person. Even to Mum. It was never Simon and Stuart; always
The Twins. The Boys. You can’t just break up something like that. I won’t let you. What is it with this Catherine, anyway? She’ll never understand you, not like I do. She wants to take you away from me, from everything, and turn you into something you’re not. We can’t live that life, with babies and dogs and Sundays in B&Q. We have to stay together.
What? No, not yet; I can’t untie you yet. You’ll run away, to her, won’t you? Here. It’s ready; let me hold the straw for you. Look; I’m drinking too. Bitter, isn’t it? Come on, swallow. Not long now, Simon. Sleepy? Me, too. Good. Relax. Soon we'll be
The Boys again.


Telmis said...

Very dark and funny and witty and made made me chuckle during a break from ECA!

Clever writing V


Viki Lane said...

Thanks, J! Good luck with the ECA - nearly there now!


Moi said...

chilling....and i don't mean relaxing...LOL

Viki Lane said...

ROFL!! Thanks for reading and commenting, Dragana.


Papoosue said...

Ooooh Viki, made me shiver! x

Viki Lane said...

Thanks for reading, Sue. These characters wandering loose in my brain do tend to be a shudder-inpsiring bunch. What does that say about me?!


With thanks to Graeme