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Saturday, 15 September 2007

Quietly encouraged

Here I am in my nice new home, complete with a set of all-over bruises and a suspected cardboard rash. When I eventually unearthed the computer and smiled beseechingly at my other half until he set it up, I found a paradox in my inbox.
It was a good rejection. The editor concerned said he greatly enjoyed my story, but hadn't been able to fit it into the current issue of his magazine. He did, however, say that I was welcome to re-submit it for another edition. Yes, I know it's still a rejection, but it is a far easier one to take than the cold, detached form letters favoured by most publishers. I take this as rare but conclusive proof that not all editors are heartless swines, and feel a good deal chirpier about the whole writing business for it.


Moi said...

hope you are happy in your new home viki. and you should be thrilled about the so-called rejection...that isn't. good luck with it. x

Viki Lane said...

Thanks very much on both counts

Telmis said...

Hope your new home is even better than you ever hoped for.

That wasn't a rejection, that was a 'busy try later'.... well done you!

Viki Lane said...

Cheers John. The house is lovely - even the cat likes it now.

What a great thought...maybe they could have sent me a recorded message instead...'your story is important to us...the first paragraph is being held in a queue until one of our editors becomes available...'

With thanks to Graeme