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Sunday, 9 September 2007

Upping sticks

This is just to let you know, dear reader, that I won't be doing any angsting for a few days. (Ok, ok, there's no need to cheer quite so loudly.) We're moving into a brand spanking new house this week, so I'll have neither the time nor the internet capability to go blethering on in my usual fashion.
I must say, though, that apart from the hair-tearing stress levels and the sudden ubiquity of brown tape and cardboard boxes, moving is a wonderful thing. It provides a perfect excuse for not doing any writing.


Papoosue said...

Happy house moving to you! (sorry, I'm trying to fill you with positivity - honest). x

Have received my materials for OU course A215 - gulp!

Moi said...

Hope it goes well Viki. New space, fresh thoughts.

Viki Lane said...

Thanks for your good wishes. We're here now, the cat is settling in and so, alas, are the cardboard boxes.

Sue, I'm so jealous of you - I wish I could do A215 again. If you like, we could trade course materials?!


With thanks to Graeme